Three questions to ask yourself before you commission commercial photography:

13 September 2010
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1.)   Would you rather spend £300 on some pictures to keep your website up to date with your product range or spend £1,000 on insightful product photography to see a significant growth in sales?

The cheapest is usually not the best value.

2.)   With the future of your business on the line would you rather benefit from theproven results of an experienced specialist commercial photographer who knows how to maximise your sales or would you prefer to take a chance on someone without this specific expertise?

A talented wedding photographer is not a commercial photographer; similarly I am not the man to call if you are getting married.

3.)   A picture speaks a thousand words so would you like the photography you commission to display quality, insight and professionalism in a manner that speaks to your customers?

My ABC of clients includes Asda, the BBC & Coca Cola, who insist on nothing less.


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