Offers from new suppliers are welcome however please read the guidelines below the contact form before contacting me:

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1.) New suppliers wishing to offer services please note that it is not acceptable under any circumstances to cold call my telephone number - NO EXCEPTIONS - please use the contact link.

2.) Online service providers please note - I am currently not open to enquiries from companies offering;

Web development / hosting / SEO / PPC / Google ad campaigns / databases / mailing lists

Please do not contact me to offer any of these services.

3.) Image service providers please note - I am currently not open to enquiries from companies offering:

Clipping paths / image editing / retouching services

Please do not contact me to offer any of these services.

4.) Anyone ignoring these requests will be automatically barred from consideration for future contracts.

5.) Having read these terms carefully if you have something to offer that you feel may be of value to my company then please get in touch by using the form above. Please only use it once, if I am interested in your offer I will be in touch. If I am not interested submitting multiple enquiries will not change my mind.

It is not my intention to deter anyone who represents a genuine company from offering their services or products, far from it, in fact this is how I found many of the suppliers I regularly work with.

For example the excellent retoucher who does all of my work is based in New Zealand and originally contacted me by email to offer this service. Her being in a different time zone works well for our deadlines because I send work and go to bed, she does the work (during her daytime) and sends it back before I wake up! It's brilliant, my clients love it and the quality of her work is amazing. This relationship has developed into a great partnership and as a result I will not be considering other offers. Happily many of my clients show me this kind of loyalty and I do the same with my valued suppliers. However I regularly receive spam from retouching companies despite making this decision clear, this wastes my time and fills the inbox on my smartphone, as a consequence I will never work with these companies or pass their details on to anyone.

Cold calls also come from time to time, despite my clearly stated preference to the contrary. Maybe in a multinational company with a telephonist to field these calls it's not such a big problem but in a small company like mine, where I am often on the road and using my mobile phone to stay in touch with clients, it is a really unwelcome intrusion. I have answered sales calls after climbing down ladders, excusing myself from clients on shoots and all manner of other unfortunate situations - the problem is it might be work coming in, so I have to answer.


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